About Me 2 - Chow Time
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Ex-Chef, Food Lover, Real Estate Agent

Andy Wickersham

Ex-Chef, Real Estate Agent


Sous Chef
There is nothing better than eating a meal that you have prepared and put time and thought into, and especially when others enjoy it just as much. My love of good food begins with, like many others, a mother that was incredible in the kitchen. The cooking constantly made the entire house smell of something fantastic, and dinner could never come soon enough. As a I grew older, I enrolled in culinary school and got a job at a local country club here in Kansas City. I was very lucky to work under a chef that really knew his stuff and with a staff that thrived on creativity and perfection.
I worked in that crew for almost four years growing my skills and culinary mind, before the cons of working in the restaurant business outweighed the pros (for me). I missed my family, friends, and life as I knew it, so I got into sales and eventually landed in Real Estate where I get to sell homes and work in my favorite city in the world, Kansas City. I have always had a passion for real estate, and if you talk to anyone that knows me they will tell you how much I love to talk, so sales works out perfectly.
There is just one problem, my culinary itch has gone unscratched for some time. I miss writing recipes and creating dishes, so naturally it was time to begin a food blog. This is where I will post what I am cooking in my Brookside kitchen with my Sous Chef, Luna.

Luna is the most reliable of all sous chefs, she is always by my side for inspiration and offers any support she can. Having grown up with a Chow Chow, I knew that she would be an awesome fit for my lifestyle. Chows can be aggressive in nature (so I’ve heard) so you have to raise them with lots of love…. and good food. Another great thing is I have a full house, I do live alone but I almost always have people over. Socializing her at a young age was a very good thing, you could say that she’s pretty awesome to have around.